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How to Buy Your First Duplex: ‘House Hacking’ for Beginners | National | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker | #hacking | #aihp

Emily Johnson recalls her first duplex fondly — well, sort of.

She rented to a friend’s sister, who ended up being “a nightmare”: The tenant smoked in the house, paid rent late and knocked on Johnson’s door at 11 p.m. with maintenance requests.

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kAmu:?2==J[ 72>:=:2C:K6 J@FCD6=7 H:E9 962=E9 2?5 D276EJ 4@56D E92E D6E DE2?52C5D 7@C C6?E2= AC@A6CE:6D] p 9@>6 :?DA64E:@? 42? 42E49 92K2C5D =:<6 =625 A2:?E @C >@=5]k^Am

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kAmr=62C 6IA64E2E:@?D 2C6 <6J 7@C 6G6CJ@?6’D D276EJ 2?5 4@>7@CE — 6DA64:2==J 2D 2 =:G6:? =2?5=@C5[ H96? J@F >:89E 36 D92C:?8 H2==D @C 4@>>@? 2C62D] xE >:89E D66> =:<6 2 8@@5 :562 E@ C6?E E@ 7C:6?5D @C 72>:=J >6>36CD[ 3FE 3=FCC:?8 E96 =:?6 36EH66? A6CD@?2= 2?5 AC@76DD:@?2= C6=2E:@?D9:AD 42? 4C62E6 4@?7=:4E]k^Am

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k5:G 4=2DDlQ?H2FE9@C3@IHAQ 52E2?H4@>A@?6?EEJA6?2>6lQpFE9@C q@I (!Q 52E2?H4@>A@?6?EEJA6D=F8lQ?H02FE9@C03@I0HAQmk5:G 4=2DDlQ?H2FE9@C3@IHA\:??6CQmk2D:56 :E6>AC@AlQ2FE9@CQ :E6>EJA6lQ9EEAi^^D496>2]@C8^!6CD@?Q 4=2DDlQ?H2FE9@C3@IQ 52E2?H4@>A@?6?EEJA6?2>6lQpFE9@C q@IQ 52E2?H4@>A@?6?EEJA6D=F8lQ?H02FE9@C03@IQmkAmp33J q25249 s@J=6 HC:E6D 7@C }6C5(2==6E] t>2:=i k2 9C67lQ>2:=E@i23252495@J=6o?6C5H2==6E]4@>Qm23252495@J=6o?6C5H2==6E]4@>k^2m]k^Amk^2D:56mk^5:Gmk^5:Gm

kA 4=2DDlQ?H@C:8:?2==JA@DE65=:?<Qm%96 2CE:4=6 w@H E@ qFJ *@FC u:CDE sFA=6Ii ‘w@FD6 w24<:?8’ 7@C q68:??6CD @C:8:?2==J 2AA62C65 @? }6C5(2==6E]k^Am

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