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Hackers Leak 1.6TB of Data Stolen From Sony’s Insomniac Games | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker | #hacking | #aihp

A ransomware gang dropped an unwelcome holiday surprise this week by leaking 1.6TB of data stolen from the PlayStation Studio Insomniac Games.

A week ago, the Rhysida gang announced it had looted confidential data from Insomniac Games, which is best known for developing the Spider-Man franchise for the PlayStation. At the time, it was unclear if the hack was real. But on Tuesday, the Rhysida gang leaked the stolen data, proving the breach appears to be legit. 

Rhysida is currently hosting the stolen information on the gang’s website on the dark web, allowing anyone to view and download the data dump. The 1.6TB encompasses over 1.3 million files, including PowerPoint presentations, game footage, images, HR documents, and reports covering Insomniac’s internal plans. 

(Credit: Rhysida)

Some of the files include extensive documentation on the studio’s work to create Marvel’s Wolverine, Insomniac’s next title. In addition, IGN reports the file dump includes a presentation about Insomniac preparing to develop other titles in the Marvel comics universe.  

The Rhysida gang tried to auction off the stolen data for 50 bitcoin or $2 million. The group is now indicating someone paid for a small portion of the stolen files; it then decided to post the remaining 98% of the looted data publicly.

Sony didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. But other video game developers are condemning the hackers for releasing the stolen files.

“After all the effort and dedication [Insomniac Games] have poured into their games, they didn’t deserve this,” tweeted Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment. “No one does. The hackers also leaked employee’s personal information, which is truly disgraceful and shameful.”

According to US cyber officials, the Rhysida gang only emerged in recent months. The group has been spotted breaking into companies by hacking vulnerable remote services, such as VPNs, often by using stolen passwords. In other cases, Rhysida has used phishing emails. To attack their targets, the group will encrypt the affected computers and steal sensitive data to pressure victims to pay their ransom demands.

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