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Hackers invading Elden Ring saved files of PC players | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

Elden Players who are playing the game on PC are being advised not to play on online mode as some players are invading to corrupt the saved files of other players. Hackers playing the PC version of the game have created or discovered a hack that helps them to corrupt the save files of the players that they invade.
According to WindowsCentral, multiple players have taken to Reddit and Twitter about this invasion by hackers that are — corrupting save data, forcing a crash and then rebooting the game which is making the victim endlessly fall to their death.
The report also adds that invaders are using a glitch involving a specific spell or weapon that is forcing the host’s game to crash. Now, if the host player that got invaded reboots the game and loads their save, their character gets stuck in an infinite loop of death, constantly falling through the map.
There has been no official comment from both From Software and Bandai Namco regarding this issue. In some cases, players are able to break out of this loop and restore their saved file by spamming the map key and quickly teleporting to a Site of Grace they have rested at before dying.
Players are recommended to opt-out of invasions or switch to offline mode completely until this issue has been fixed. Players should also start backing up their data regularly, at least until this problem is rectified.
Elden Ring was launched on February 25 and has already sold 12 million copies of the game since its release. Players have appreciated this game’s open-world PvE (Player vs Enemy) gameplay as well as its PvP (Player vs Player) invasion systems.

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