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GTA Online Hackers Turn Los Santos Into Nolan’s Inception | #computerhacking | #hacking | #hacking | #aihp

Hackers have turned Los Santos into an Inception-like nightmare for one Grand Theft Auto Online player. Despite many updates over the years and Rockstar Games’ continued maintenance, hackers still manage to gain a foothold in the PC version of Los Santos now and then, making things awkward for players. Apart from hackers, some cunning players also exploit the glitches of GTA Online for unlimited resources.

Grand Theft Auto Online is arguably the most financially successful endeavor of Rockstar Games. Since debuting in 2013, millions of GTA fans have carved out a slice of Los Santos for themselves, with many players heavily investing real-life money into GTA Online‘s Shark Card currency. Because of its lucrative success, Rockstar committed a fair amount of resources over the years to give GTA Online several much-needed updates over its life cycle. Unfortunately, many of Rockstar’s fanbase, specifically Red Dead Redemption‘s community, have accused the studio of neglecting its other properties in favor of a seemingly unending commitment to GTA Online. Even the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t deter Rockstar from their current cash cow, as a new criminal careers update for GTA Online is due soon.


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Rockstar Games enthusiast videotech_, who covers a variety of Rockstar-related content on Twitter, has shared a video clip of a surreal circumstance during a GTA Online session. The clip shows a helicopter flying amidst the city of Los Santos, which had folded in on itself in a manner that resembled the iconic city-bending scenes from the Christopher Nolan movie Inception. Along with the self-encased city, ships and other assets like trees can be seen adrift in the airspace. This phenomenon was the work of a hacker who turned videotech_’s session on its head with this surreal renovation. While an observer can certainly appreciate the humor in the situation, videotech_ was none too pleased, stating quite clearly: “This game is a mess.

It’s common for modern games with such active fanbases to have substantial modding communities, and GTA Online is no exception. Unicorns, zombies, the kingdom of Atlantis, and even Homelander from The Boys have GTA Online mods. Unfortunately, some hacks go beyond cosmetic and graphical inconveniences. PC lobbies of GTA Online will often find themselves at the mercy of hackers using more invasive mods to cheat and grief other players, often ruining the game for their peers. Despite Rockstar’s best efforts, cheating and malicious hacking are still pervasive in present-day Los Santos, causing even longtime fans like videotech_ to become frustrated with the lack of results.

While many mods can have hilarious effects on the game similar to the one encountered in videotech_’s session, these mods are far more appreciated when participated in willingly. Whether just harmless pranks or game-breaking cheats, hacking has been a problem as old as multiplayer gaming has existed. With hackers being an innovative bunch, timely responses to their occurrences are the only real solution to combat them. Sadly, Grand Theft Auto Online‘s hacker problem goes back years, and a proper solution to stopping them is yet to materialize.

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Sources: videotech_/Twitter

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