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Group-IB & INTERPOL collab tackles global cybercrime | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

In a significant international collaboration, Group-IB, leading creator of cybersecurity technologies alongside INTERPOL and law enforcement agencies from over 50 INTERPOL member countries, actively participated in Operation Synergia, a major initiative targeting cybercrimes such as phishing, banking malware, and ransomware attacks globally.

This grand project ran from September to November 2023, yielding consequential results against the escalating global cyber threats. Group-IB’s team identified over 500 IP addresses hosting phishing resources, and more than 1,900 IP addresses associated with ransomware, Trojans, and banking malware operations. By sharing this critical information with the taskforce, Operation Synergia yielded the apprehension of 31 individuals, the identification of an additional 70 suspects, along with the takedown of hundreds of command-and-control servers worldwide.

Law enforcement agencies from over 50 countries, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore, acted diligently on information shared by Group-IB, with Hong Kong and Singapore Police dismantling 153 and 86 servers respectively. As of now, 70% of the identified command-and-control servers have been neutralized, effectively disrupting cybercriminal operations hosted in these countries.

Bernardo Pillot, Assistant Director to INTERPOL Cybercrime Directorate, commended the collective efforts of the operation stating, “The results of this operation… show our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the digital space.

“By dismantling the infrastructure behind phishing, banking malware, and ransomware attacks, we are one step closer to protecting our digital ecosystems and a safer, more secure online experience for all,” he said.

The three-month-long operation prompted the involvement of 60 law enforcement agencies spanning over 50 INTERPOL member countries, uniting them under a collective purpose – to curtail the growth, escalation, and professionalization of transnational cybercrime. This required an overarching response to the emerging cyber threats and the imperative for coordinated action against the same.

Pertaining to this collaborative spirit, Dmitry Volkov, CEO and co-founder of Group-IB, said, “Operation Synergia has shown that the synergy of global law enforcement, national cyber police forces, and the private sector is paramount. Together, we forge a collective front, sharing cyber intelligence, and best practices to fight cybercrime.

“This approach highlights the pivotal role collaboration and effective data sharing plays in reducing the global impact of cybercrime,” Volkov said.

The initiative’s success reaffirms the essentialness of international cooperation for surmounting cyber-related challenges. It sets a precedent by drawing on the strength of effective partnerships between public and private sectors to secure the world’s digital future, a commitment which Group-IB and its partners look forward to further advancing.


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