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Google partners with BSSN and Indonesia’s broader digital ecosystem for cyber security | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Google and Indonesia’s National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) along with nonprofits and social enterprises, have launched strategic initiatives for a more resilient digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

Initiatives include providing cybersecurity training programs and AI-powered cybersecurity tools to protect government organisations, businesses and citizens from cybercrime and cyber attacks.

In collaboration with the Center for Digital Society (CfDS) and the Artificial Intelligence Industry Research and Innovation Collaboration, Google will foster discussions among industry experts, policymakers and other stakeholders to promote secure and responsible AI application in Indonesia at the AI Policy and Skilling Lab.

“Attackers need only one successful intrusion while defenders are under immense pressure to deploy the best defenses at all times across an increasingly complex digital terrain. This is called the ‘Defender’s Dilemma,’ and we believe that advancements in AI can reverse this dynamic,” Putri Alam, Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google Indonesia said.

“The adoption of AI-powered cybersecurity tools—combined with the skills required to use these tools—has the potential to reduce cybercrime-related costs for Indonesian businesses and individuals by up to IDR 1,365 trillion by 2030.”

Google is also providing 1000 Cyber security certificate scholarships to BSSN officials, allowing government officials with no prior experience to pivot into cybersecurity roles.

There will also be greater collaboration between Mandiant and BSSN’s cybersecurity teams in sharing best-in-class threat intelligence.

Lastly, BSSN and Google Cloud will work together on capacity building, which involves development of next-generation cloud-based solutions that leverage AI to rapidly detect and defend against cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure.

“This collaboration between the government and a leading industry player like Google will help us maximize the use of AI to give our defenders the upper hand, while limiting the technology’s utility to our adversaries,” Inspector General of Police Dono Indarto, Deputy for Cyber and Crypto Strategy and Policy, BSSN shared.

Nurturing cybersecurity talent in the underserved communities

For the underserved, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and social enterprises, cybersecurity training will be given to individuals to leverage AI-powered cybersecurity tools to defend against cyber threats.

This effort is led by Google’s philanthropic arm, The Asia Foundation, with implementing partners from Association of Women’s Resource Development Centres (PPSW), the Association for Advancement of Small Business (PUPUK), and the Muhammadiyah Economic and Entrepreneurship Council in Indonesia.

The resources to enable this effort came from the US$15 million grant to support The Asia Foundation in launching the APAC Cybersecurity Fund in partnership with CyberPeace Institute and Global Cyber Alliance.


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