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GNU Toolchain Plans Move To The Linux Foundation’s Infrastructure | #linux | #linuxsecurity | #hacking | #aihp

The GCC compiler and related GNU toolchain infrastructure has long been hosted by that has been sponsored by Red Hat the past two decades. But now the GNU Toolchain Infrastructure (GTI) project is being established as it works to leverage the Linux Foundation’s IT services to provide more robust and secure infrastructure for these critical open-source projects.

With the Linux Foundation IT services doing a stellar job hosting and related web server infrastructure for the Linux kernel, the various parties involved in the GNU toolchain have been sorting out a similar setup.

Carlos O’Donell of Red Hat summed up the plans in a mailing list post:

During the Sourceware / Infrastructure BoF sessions at GNU Cauldron, the GNU Toolchain community in collaboration with the Linux Foundation and OpenSSF, announced the GNU Toolchain Infrastructure project (GTI). The collaboration includes a fund for infrastructure and software supply chain security, which will allow us to utilize the respected Linux Foundation IT (LF IT) services that host and to fund other important projects.

Linux Foundation IT services plans for the GNU Toolchain include Git repositories, mailing lists, issue tracking, web sites, and CI/CD, implemented with strong authentication, attestation, and security posture. Utilizing the experience and infrastructure of the LF IT team that is already used by the Linux kernel community will provide the most effective solution and best experience for the GNU Toolchain developer community. By utilizing the same infrastructure, the resources of donors who support Free Software can be targeted at projects that provide unique value to the Free Software community.

See this mailing list post for more details on the GNU Toolchain Infrastructure and the planned migration to the Linux Foundation IT services and infrastructure.

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