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It turns out even publicly traded companies need a good editor. Shares of ridesharing giant Lyft surged as much as 66% in after-hours trading Tuesday after its earnings report suggested one measure of the company’s profitability could greatly increase this year.

The initial report said Lyft’s adjusted EBITDA margin as a percentage of bookings could expand by 500 basis points in 2024, or 5%, but it turns out, the company added an extra 0 to that forecast.

Even with the typo, Lyft reported earnings well above analysts’ estimates, leading shares to their best single-day percentage gain ever as the company expects 2024 to be its first year of positive cash flow.


SpaceX has moved its state of incorporation from Delaware to Texas, the company’s CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday on X, spotlighting the billionaire’s ongoing feud with Delaware over a state court’s decision to void his massive $50.9 billion pay package from Tesla. Earlier this month, Musk indicated that he also wants to move Tesla’s incorporation to Texas, but because that company is publicly traded—unlike SpaceX—moving its incorporation will require more time and shareholder approval.

MORE: Houston-based Intuitive Machines launched a spacecraft to the moon early Thursday—atop a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX—aiming to be the first private firm to land on the lunar surface and the first American craft to land in decades.

Japan has ceded its spot as the world’s third-largest economy to Germany after its gross domestic product shrank for a second consecutive time in the fourth quarter of 2023, government data released Thursday showed, pushing the country into an unexpected recession. Meanwhile, India is expected to overtake both Germany and Japan as the world’s third-largest economy this decade, according to analysts, as the country hopes to grow into a $5 trillion economy before 2030.


A Maersk official said Wednesday that the shipping giant expects to continue avoiding trade routes through the Red Sea into the second half of the year, a sign that ongoing tensions prompted by Houthi militants’ attacks could pose longer-term challenges to the shipping industry. The company has tried to compensate for the delays by adding additional vessel capacity to its schedule, Maersk North America’s regional president told CNBC. A recent report found transit times have increased 30% with the rerouting of commercial vessels.

California produces some of the world’s lowest carbon-intensity oil, according to the California Air Resources Board, and now, publicly-traded California Resources Corp. is looking to produce oil that’s not just low-carbon, but carbon-negative. If all its EPA permits come through, CRC hopes to launch a multi-billion-dollar project in the San Joaquin basin north of Los Angeles to capture carbon dioxide, compress and inject it 5,000 feet down into the earth, where they say it will get soaked up into a thick, highly porous layer of sandstone and should remain trapped for eternity.


The lifetime giving of the United States’ 25 biggest philanthropists rose to nearly $211 billion through December 30, 2023, up about 7% from a year ago, Forbes found as part of its 2024 ranking of the nation’s most generous donors. But the increase in charitable giving pales in comparison to the rise in the fortunes of members of the list, which includes billionaires like Warren Buffett and MacKenzie Scott, in the past year.

SoftBank founder and billionaire Masayoshi Son has seen his net worth surge 50% in less than a year, and Forbes estimates he is now worth $28.8 billion, on the back of chip designer Arm’s soaring share price and SoftBank reporting its first quarterly profit in more than a year. Arm, which listed on the Nasdaq last September in the year’s biggest IPO, remains a bright spot in Son’s portfolio, which has included boom-and-bust startups WeWork and FTX.


State-sponsored hacking groups from Russia, China and other U.S. adversaries have been caught using OpenAI’s tools to better attack their targets, according to a report published Wednesday by Microsoft, as continually evolving AI technology raises concerns about possible cybersecurity threats. Both Microsoft and OpenAI said they would improve their approach to combating state-sponsored hacking groups using their tools, including investing in monitoring technology to identify threats, collaborating with other AI firms and being more transparent about possible safety issues linked to AI.

A group of Italian spyware companies has had hundreds of fake personas using AI-generated profile photos thrown off Facebook and Instagram, after Meta found they were being used to snoop on journalists and political activists. Meta claimed that the personas were carrying out social engineering attacks on targets, attempting to get the victims to click on links that would unmask their IP address.

A tight supply of the chips powering AI has in turn bottlenecked technical progress and put startups at a particular disadvantage. In response, AI investors are offering companies massive computing clusters. For instance, Nat Friedman, the former CEO of Microsoft’s developer platform GitHub, and frequent investing partner Daniel Gross run several computing stockpiles totaling more than 4,000 GPUs, which they make available for use by companies in their portfolio for a fee below market price.


The nine justices of the Supreme Court are worth a collective $64 million, and some of their finances—and relationships with the ultrawealthy—have attracted ethical scrutiny. Chief Justice John Roberts alone is responsible for nearly 40% of that sum, worth an estimated $25 million. The ways each justice made the bulk of their money over the years range from private practice to lucky real estate investments to old-fashioned inheritance.


Tax season can be intimidating if you’re filing for the first time, but here are some important things to remember: You may not have to file if you made less than a certain amount (though you may want to take advantage of a refund or tax credits), assume any income is taxable, including not just wages but also gains from stocks, bonds or cryptocurrency. College students in particular should check with their parents to see if they should file as an independent or if their parents are claiming them on their return.

Companies have embraced the buzzy concept of “skills-based hiring,” with companies like Walmart and General Motors dropping four-year degrees from some of their job ads. But a new report found that progress has been decidedly slow in actually hiring people without diplomas into those roles.


Autism Care Startup Elemy Is Ditching Its Therapists To Focus On Software

TOPLINE In November 2023, employees of Elemy learned via email that the autism therapy startup, which provided specialized in-person care to kids in their homes, was rebranding as “Tilly.”

It was the third time in five years the company’s name had changed, and this rebrand belied a much bigger shift in the business, one that some former employees said is directly at odds with the company’s mission: “Life-changing care for autism.”

For over four years, Elemy’s therapists had delivered specialized in-person autism care to kids in their homes. But the same week the rebrand was announced, some therapists were informed they were losing their jobs at the end of the year, according to an internal email obtained by Forbes. The reason? Elemy-now-Tilly was pivoting to a new direction: It would sell software to help therapists manage their own independent practices. In exchange, Elemy wanted a cut of the revenue generated by the independent practice; one therapist told Forbes almost a third.

The type of therapy Elemy provided is called applied behavior analysis and involves a two-person care team: a board certified behavior analyst who develops a care plan, and a registered behavior technician, who works in-person with the child. This type of care usually has long waiting lists and requires multiple hours of in-person therapy with the child every week. Once established, experts say it is crucial that care be continuous. Because of the personal connection and nature of the therapy, abrupt transitions can be disruptive.

So Elemy’s evolution from providing in-person autism therapy services to selling software to manage them needed to be considered and carefully communicated. But to many therapists who worked for the company, it came as a surprise.

When therapists dubious of the proposition asked what these changes would mean for the kids in their care if they opted not to go independent, company president Tim Eby reassured them. “Taking care of clients is a top priority as we think about this program,” he said, explaining the company would try to find those kids another therapist.

But that wasn’t a simple matter. Emails from Elemy’s operations team sent to an employee and family reviewed by Forbes show Elemy struggled to find new therapists, particularly in Florida.

WHY IT MATTERS “Elemy-now-Tilly raised more than $200 million from investors, including SoftBank and General Catalyst, and was once valued at over $1 billion,” says Forbes senior writer Katie Jennings. “Many startups had to pivot and focus on profitability as interest rates started to rise and the growth-at-all-costs mentality shifted. But the stakes in healthcare are higher, especially when the service being disrupted is autism care for kids.”

MORE An Autism Therapy Company Abruptly Cuts Off Care To Children As It Lays Off Staff


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is considering releasing thousands of immigrants in detention, the Washington Post reported. The potential move comes a week after the Senate failed to approve a bipartisan bill that would have addressed a major budget deficit for the agency:

$700 million: ICE’s budget gap, the largest projected deficit in the agency’s recent history

16,000: The number of immigrants ICE is considering releasing, which would bring detention levels from 38,000 to 22,000

$7.6 billion: The amount the failed bill had allocated for ICE


How a couple manages finances can have a significant impact on the overall health of their relationship. To ensure you’re on the same page, ask questions about your philosophies for spending and budgeting, discuss your views on debt and figure out your individual appetites for risk when it comes to investing.



Climate change activists have increasingly committed acts of vandalism in an effort to draw attention to their cause, including a pair who threw soup at the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre a few weeks ago. A federal building closed early in Washington, D.C. yesterday after two apparent climate activists poured red powder on what artifact?

A. The Gutenberg Bible at the Library of Congress

B. The U.S. Constitution at the National Archives

C. The Hope Diamond at the National Museum of Natural History

D. The gun used to kill President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre

Check your answer.


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