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‘Genius’ TikTok video trick for easily transporting hot coffee cups hailed as ‘life hack of the century’ | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacking | #aihp

A man has unveiled what has been dubbed the “life hack of the century” in a viral TikTok video — and it has set the internet alight.

That 40 Year Guy on TikTok creates videos testing different life hacks, but this one is his most popular by far, receiving more than 20 million views.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Viral TikTok hack hailed ‘genius’ stuns the internet

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“You’re telling me all those times I needed an extra hand at the gas station I could’ve been doing this? Ain’t no way,” he said in the video.

The hack solves the problem of trying to carry two drinks when you are also holding other things in your hand – but the man from the US had to test the theory first.

That 40 Year Guy’s latest hack received 20 million views on TikTok. Credit: TikTok

“If this works, it’ll be just like having an extra hand,” he said.

“So I stopped by the other day, picked up some cups, I just filled them up with some water — we’re gonna give this a shot.”

He put lids on the cups and placed one cup on the left-hand side of the inside of a plastic bag. Then with the right side, he turned it inside-out, leaving the handle sticking up.

He tested the hack and was blown away with the results. Credit: TikTok

He put the second cup in the bag, lifted it up and the cups remained in place, thanks to the twist in the middle of the plastic bag.

“Wow,” he said through his signature wheezy laugh.

Not surprisingly, people were stunned by the hack.

“This seriously might be the life hack of the century,” one person declared.

“Wow. I’ve worked at so many gas stations. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this,” said another.

“That’s genius,” another wrote.

“Now that’s just too cool,” said a fourth.


1. Flatten the plastic bag, but keep the handles in reach. Place the bottle or cup on one side of the bag.

STEP 1 Credit: TikTok

2. With the other side, twist it and turn it inside-out. Keep the handle sticking up.

STEP 2 Credit: TikTok

3. Place the second bottle or cup inside and lift the handles up together. Taa-daa! Your life should be much easier now.

STEP 3 Credit: TikTok

‘Fight the fizz’

That 40 Year Guy has many more hacks on his account, including one he shared recently to stop your Coke from fizzing over when pouring it from a bottle into a glass.

“You’re telling me for 40 years I’ve been fighting the fizz, and I could’ve been doing this? Ain’t no way,” he said in the video.

So he decided to test the hack.

“Alright I’ve got a Coke and a cup,” he said.

“I really hope this works, because I hate waiting 45 minutes for the fizz to stop.”

Following the steps, he placed the cup over the top of the unscrewed bottle of Coke, then flipped it over.

The Coke came out with no fizz, thanks to the viral TikTok hack. Credit: TikTok

Bit by bit, he lifted the Coke bottle up so it would pour out slowly.

But there was no froth or fizz from the Coke — and the man was in disbelief.

“Wow,” he said, laughing.

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