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Fraudsters in Hyderabad pose as Aarogyasri officials to extort money | #cybercrime | #infosec | #hacking | #aihp

HYDERABAD: Rachakonda cybercrime officials have issued an advisory warning citizens of fraudsters impersonating Aarogyasri officials to gain access to their WhatsApp account and then resorting to extortion.

According to cybercrime sleuths, the fraudsters call unsuspecting customers while posing as state government officials. Then, they trick them into sharing the OTP saying it is needed to activate the scheme card or transfer funds. With the OTP, they log in to the user’s WhatsApp account. With access to their contact list, the fraudsters start sending obscene messages and videos to their acquaintances and family members. Subsequently, they demand a large sum of money to stop their activities, they said.

Speaking on steps to safeguard oneself against the scam, a cybercrime official said, “First and foremost, never share OTPs with anyone. No legitimate Aarogyasri officials will ever ask for this information. If anybody receives a suspicious call, do not hesitate to hang up. Instead, contact the Aarogyasri office directly to verify any information. Another important advice is to activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on the WhatsApp account. It acts as an extra layer of security and adds another step during the login process, making it significantly harder for scammers to gain access to your account. If your WhatsApp account is compromised, act swiftly. Change your password immediately and enable 2FA to regain control and prevent further misuse.”

Access to contacts

After getting access to the contact list from WhatsApp. the offenders send obscene messages and videos to their friends and family and demand money to stop their activities

Report to authorities

If you fall victim to any cybercrime scam, report the incident immediately using the national helpline number 1930 or the WhatsApp number of Rachakonda police: 8712662111

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