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Decatur child sex predator gets 80 years | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey | #hacking | #aihp

DECATUR — Convicted sex predator Jonathan S. Dean — who repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl — was sent to prison for 80 years on Thursday.

Dean, 36, had been found guilty of four counts of predatory criminal sexual assault at a Macon County Circuit Court jury trial in November.

Judge Phoebe Bowers had a sentencing range to choose from that stretched from 24 years to 120 years. She told Dean she felt the magnitude of his crimes warranted a sentence of 20 years on each count; legal rules say the sentences must be served consecutively and at 85%, adding up to a natural life sentence for the defendant.

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Dean was arrested by Decatur police in January of 2023 after the alarm was raised by staff with the state’s Department of Children and Family Services.

A sworn affidavit filed by police quoted the girl as saying a string of assaults had taken place in the bedroom of Dean’s Decatur home and dated back to when she was 10. She described being raped, made to perform other sexual acts and shown video pornography by Dean.

The girl’s mother, fighting back tears as other relatives wept in the public gallery, said Dean had destroyed her daughter’s sense of innocence and ruined the girl’s life. “…Watching my daughter go through this heartbreak absolutely breaks my heart,” she told the judge in a victim impact statement.

“I do most strongly request that Jonathan Dean gets the most severe punishment for what he has done to (the victim) and the life-long trauma that he has caused her. He is a predator and if he were ever to be released from prison at any age of his life, he will find his next victim. So for the safety of my daughter as well as everyone else’s, please sentence him with the maximum sentencing the judicial system will allow.”

Macon County State’s Attorney Scott Rueter had asked for a sentence of 100 years. He said some crimes had a greater impact on families than even murder, and the repeated rape and abuse of a defenseless child by a man she had once trusted was one of those crimes.

“(The victim’s) suffering never ends,” he added.

Defense attorney Susan Moorehead acknowledged the emotional hurt and pain of the case but said the court’s job was to fashion a penalty that’s fair and not motivated by feelings of vengeance.

She said Dean was in poor health, had a minimal criminal record before this conviction and deserved some mercy. “I believe the minimum of six years on each count, for a total of 24, is sufficient punishment…” Moorehead told the judge.

After the sentence was passed, the attorney said she would be filing a motion for it to be reconsidered. Bowers scheduled that motion for a hearing on Jan. 24.

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