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Cybercrime is vastly under-reported | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

In the shadowy realms of the internet, thousands fall victim to cybercrime daily. Yet, what if I told you the real menace isn’t just the crimes themselves but the silence of its countless victims? In Florida, this silence is deafening and reveals a story graver than official statistics ever show. 

The FBI’s 2022 data tallies up to 42,792 cybercrime victims in Florida. However, our recent study unearthed a stark reality: a massive 56% of victims remain silent, never reporting their ordeals. These individuals are the unsung casualties of our digital era, causing us to question: Why are over half of all cybercrime victims opting for silence? The economic aftermath of these unreported crimes is equally disconcerting. While official losses are $845 million, our adjusted estimates, factoring in the silent victims, rocket to a staggering $1.457 billion. This estimate of unreported cybercrime victims was extrapolated from the 42,792 Florida victims reported in the FBI IC3 Report 2022, based on the 44% crime reporting rate observed in blockquiry survey respondents. 


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