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Cybercrime Helpline: Language Barrier Hampering Cybercrime Helpline Efficacy | Hyderabad News | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Hyderabad: City residents are encountering challenges when attempting to file cybercrime complaints via the helpline number 1930. They reported difficulty due to the absence of a Hindi language option when contacting the helpline. They note that only Telugu and English language options are provided, making it challenging for Hindi speakers from the city to contact the department. “Upon dialling 1930, I was prompted to select English by pressing one or Telugu by pressing two. Unfortunately, I am not proficient in either language. I fell victim to a scam, losing 37,000. Despite being advised to call this number to register my complaint, I found it unhelpful,” said Giriraj Dixit, a 39-year-old, a helper in a kirana store in Malkajgiri, adding that numerous others facing similar situations could be losing lakhs without being able to register their complaints due to this issue.While online submission is an alternative, navigating websites is not feasible, especially for the elderly. Moreover, they highlight that filing complaints via the website does not ensure immediate responses, unlike direct communication with the department through the helpline. “I can’t speak Telugu or English, so someone suggested that there is an option to file a complaint on the website. I didn’t know how to do that either. Then with the help of my neighbour’s daughter I somehow managed to register the complaint, but did not receive any update on the progress of the case for almost 15 days. Later, I had to personally visit the department and inquire about the status,” said a 73-year-old from Shaikpet. Calling it a long-standing issue, Harish Daga, who has been vocal about this for a long time, said that there are many such unregistered cases, because people found it difficult to register the complaint because of the language barrier. “Not meaning to create a linguistic divide here, but it’s crucial to ensure communication accessibility in Hyderabad, a cosmopolitan city hosting people from diverse backgrounds. Facilitating communication for all is vital, especially in addressing cybercrime cases promptly, allowing for immediate channel tracking without delays,” he added. Acknowledging the concern, the cybercrime department stated that they are in the process of incorporating Hindi into the helpline number. “However, individuals can still register complaints in Hindi by selecting English or Telugu, as some attendants are proficient in Hindi as well,” added an official from the department.

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