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Cybercrime: 470cr Lost To Cybercrooks,27.6cr Returned To Victims | Bengaluru News | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

BENGALURU: Bengalureans lost Rs 470 crore to cybercrooks in the first nine months of 2023. Of that amount, police were able to recover Rs 28.4 crore from various bank accounts and return Rs 27.6 crore to the victims.

“Investigating cybercrime cases, we managed to recover Rs 28.4 crore and return Rs 27.6 crore to a few victims. The total amount lost under 18 types of fraud is around Rs 470 crore in 12,615 cases, and of that Rs 201 crore was frozen in various banks,” city police commissioner B Dayananda said.

“We’ll continue the process of freezing the money and returning it to the victims, who must bring the fraud to the notice of police by dialling 1930, 112 or the nearest police station, as soon as they realise they’ve been cheated,” Dayananda said.

Cybercrimes are increasing by the day in the city and elsewhere in the country. Though the police department has taken steps like creating awareness, people are falling prey to such frauds, said Dayananda. “We can’t share the exact number of cases detected, as many accounts in which money has been frozen are used by multiple fraudsters in different locations,” he said.


Strengthening police force

“To ensure timely response to victims, we’ve started registering FIRs at all the police stations across the city, aside from the CEN crime stations and cybercrime police station. People are making use of it and reporting crimes,” the top cop said.

To strengthen the law and order police force, a dedicated team will be trained for capacity-building in investigating cybercrime cases. “We’re also working towards providing advanced tools to all stations. Investigation into all the cases has to be completed within 60 or 90 days. If there is a delay, the investigating officer must give explanation.”

The emerging trends in cybercrimes involve online job fraud and extorting people after saying they are dealing in narcotics, Dayananda said, adding that the latest mode is by using Aadhaar-enabled payments. The best way to prevent cybercrime is to not click on random links, not share bank account, debit/credit card details and OTPs, and not get lured by high returns on investments , the officer added.

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