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Bitcoin Ransomware Attackers Leak Venezuela Mobile Carrier Data | #ransomware | #cybercrime | #hacking | #aihp

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Bitcoin ransomware attackers reportedly leaked “sensitive data” belonging to “millions” of Venezuelan mobile carrier Digitel customers onto the internet on February 12.

Per the X channel VE sin Filtro, the attackers hail from the MedusaBlog hacking group.

Bitcoin Ransomware Attackers ‘Demanded $5million Worth of Coins’

The group reportedly infiltrated Digital’s networks on February 2 and seized control of company data.

MedusaBlog representatives told the company that it had one week to pay a $5 million ransom in Bitcoin – around BTC 100 at the time of writing.

A graph showing Bitcoin prices versus the USD over the past five days.
Bitcoin prices versus the USD over the past five days. (Source: Google Finance)

According to MedusaBlog, the channel reported:

“[The hijacked data cache] includes a list of employees, identification documents, financial documents, reports, invoices, contracts, subscriber agreements, and [citizens’] personal data.”

The media outlet Criptonoticias quoted the Digital customer and IT journalist Fran Monroy Moret as calling the data leak a “disaster.” Monroy Moret said:

“There could be much more. [MedusaBlog] could have stolen information from more than five million Digitel users.”

The journalist said this could include “sensitive” customer data such as “IDs, fingerprints, photographs, names, and more.”

However, the expert said Digitel customers should remain “calm and wait for events to unfold.”

The same media outlet advised Digitel users to change passwords and “safeguard their emails and accounts on different platforms.”

Footage from a Digitel marketing video published in 2023.
Footage from a Digitel marketing video published in 2023. (Source: Digitel/YouTube)

BTC-keen Hacking Group Strikes Again

IT experts also advised that many more attacks could be forthcoming soon, with the group now looking to strike with impunity.

The same hacking group released over 1.5 terabytes worth of the Argentinian markets regulator’s data in October 2023.

The group released the data on the dark web after the latter refused to pay a ransom of $500,000, also payable in Bitcoin.

The hackers broke into the computer networks of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CNV).

They then reportedly downloaded “private data,” including meeting minutes, employee information, and sensitive information about financial firms.

Until relatively recently, Venezuela was one of the world’s most pro-crypto nations. However, Caracas executed a major crypto crackdown last year, culminating in the January 15 shutdown of the Petro – its state-run, oil-backed cryptoasset.

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