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Binance Collaborates with INTERPOL to Combat Cybercrime | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently conducted a virtual law enforcement training for officers from the INTERPOL. The session focused on sharing Binance’s expertise in cryptocurrency investigations and cyber policing to strengthen INTERPOL’s capabilities in addressing cyber threats.

More than 30 officers from the INTERPOL side attended the half-day training on 24th January 2012. Representatives of Binance described in detail tips on the efficiency approaches and methods for countering cybercrime inside the emerging web3 environment. The cryptocurrency was traced, threat intelligence was gathered, cyber forensics were discussed, etc.

This rectifies Binance’s proactive nature towards security issues and its vow to empower law enforcement corporations in achieving this mission. “For 2023, our specialized teams have conducted over 120 workshops and training programs on a global scale for regional authorities,” says Giacomo Zucco, Binance’s Head of Security. “Furthermore, we plan to expand these cooperative efforts with INTERPOL and other partners for 2024.”

INTERPOL officers welcomed Binance’s efforts to enable industry and law enforcement cooperation. Harry Dexter, INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Operations Manager, said, “As financial crimes increasingly migrate online and into cryptocurrencies, building our officers’ proficiency is crucial. Sessions like these help investigators stay ahead of emerging threats.” 

Binance’s dedicated security team, comprising 300 experts from law enforcement and cybersecurity, conducted over 7,000 global investigations in 2022, yielding the highest industry figures. Additionally, the platform helped recover $1.5 billion in stolen funds and spearheaded disruptive actions against cybercriminal organizations like the Lazarus Group.

Binance partners with INTERPOL to predict emerging challenges within the Web3 economy, and they will exchange information and improve investigation capabilities. It makes law enforcement aware of cryptocurrencies and promotes regulatory clarity, allowing legitimate use and dissuading criminal behavior.

Binance protects the peaceful development of web3 based on proactive measures. A comprehensive approach includes security frameworks, transparent compliance, and collaborative solutions that secure users and liberate the full potential of crypto assets.

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