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How astonishing are these stats?;

  • An American suffers identity theft every 14 seconds – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • 33% of US citizens have experienced ID theft – Proof Point
  • 15 million Americans suffer identity fraud every year – Crime Museum

Crazy, right?

Moreover, with nuggets of our sensitive information on the web, on social media and pretty much everywhere, the risk of ID fraud becomes even uglier.

Many of us are doing a great job with passwords and other forms of data protection, still, ID thieves are crafting new ways to steal our information. 

Plus let’s face it, keeping track of every bit of our personal and financial detail can be overbearing.

However, with the Best Identity Theft Protection Services such as Aura, you can let ID security experts handle that for you.

So, we dug in and compiled the most reliable and top-rated Identity Theft Protection providers for you to choose from.

Doing things like identity monitoring, identity restoration, and even stolen funds reimbursement, these ID protection services offer layered security to protect your financial health and reputation.

Best Identity Theft Services:

1. Aura – Best Identity Protection Service of All


  • A+ BBB score
  • 4.7 Trustpilot score
  • Comprehensive compatibility
  • Inclusive family protection
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Not the cheapest (but worth it)

Straightaway, Aura sets to win you over with its credibility;

  • Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating
  • An Excellent Trustpilot score
  • Highest rated ID theft protection company on
  • Positive recognition on Forbes and Business Insider

Proving it has a reputation for best practices and a knack to satisfy its customers, Aura also makes its forte being a one-stop protection shop for your information.

This company handles;

  • ID theft protection for your Social Security Number, Credit info, online accounts, and more
  • Three bureau credit monitoring
  • Parental control to block risky sites
  • Experian credit lock to stave off unauthorized access
  • Steadfast fraud management team

On top of ID protection and monitoring, Aura’s dedicated fraud management team captures real-time ID threats and sends you immediate alerts for timely security measures.

Also, the company works on restoring your identity and gives every person covered in your plan $1M identity theft insurance in case of stolen funds.

Better yet, all Aura information protection services come with antivirus, VPN protection, and PIN management assistance to safeguard your devices and internet experience.

Best of all, this platform works on all devices from Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, hence you’ll be secured on any device you’re using.

Plans Available

  • Individual – $12/m billed annually OR $15/m monthly
  • Couple – $22/m billed annually OR $29/m monthly
  • Family – $37/m billed annually OR $50/m monthly

You’d love that Aura gives you the option to choose between monthly and annual subscriptions, with the latter coming with some good discounts too.

While its prices may be relatively higher, the services, ranging from monitoring to restoration to multiple device protection means the company gives value for money.

Additionally, you first get to test the waters with a 14-day trial. Better still, if you’re not impressed in 60-days, Aura will be happy to provide a refund.

Lastly, unlike other companies that limit their family packages to two adults, Aura’s includes 5 people regardless of age. Besides, adults get their Aura accounts to protect their information more effectively.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial

2. Identity Guard – Fastest Identity Theft Products

Identity Guard


  • From 1996
  • Intelligent information monitoring
  • Incredibly fast alerts
  • Business protection available


Identity Guard brings the brains to identity monitoring with an innovative IBM Watson AI that makes it capture threats faster.

Along with seamless monitoring, Identity Guard sends near real-time alerts. It’s said to send alerts about 4 times faster than the average ID theft protection services, and this can save you heavy damage.

It’s not just speed, the service has the credentials too, with an excellent Trustpilot score and BBB accreditation to show for it.

Moreover, the fraud protection service has served more than 38 million clients, so they also have a proven and seasoned record on customer satisfaction.

Along with its 3-bureau credit monitoring and identity theft protection, you can also benefit from;

  • Financial accounts protection
  • Tax ID protection
  • Home title protection
  • Medical information protection

Even away from individuals, Identity Guard further provides identity theft protection solutions to businesses. 

Business-wise, the company can help your organization or business effectively prepare and respond to data breaches, and even protect your employees from fraudsters.

Plans Available

  • Value plan – Individual – $8.89/m OR $90 yearly
  • Value plan – Family – $14.99/m OR $179.88 yearly
  • Total plan – Individual – $19.99/m OR $200.04 yearly
  • Ultra plan – $29.99/m OR $300 yearly

On plans, Identity Guard offers some pocket-friendly prices. 

Unfortunately, they don’t have a trial period, however, going with their high customer ratings, they’ll most probably make it worthwhile for you.

Every plan is additionally covered with a $1M identity theft insurance policy to offset any loss you incur.

Also, if you choose the Ultra plan, you get home title monitoring and 401k protection as extra perks.

Try Identity Guard Today

3. IdentityForce – Unmatched Best Identity Theft Monitoring Experience

Identity Force (1).jpg



  • 40+ years reputation
  • By TransUnion
  • Top-class client support
  • 30-Day Free Trial


Established by TransUnion, one of the three major credit bureaus in the US, IdentityForce’s legitimacy speaks for itself.

What’s more, the company has an astonishing 40-year identity protection experience, setting it as the most seasoned ID theft protection service on our list.

IdentityForce provides ID and credit information protection in the form of;

  • Identity monitoring
  • Rapid alerts
  • Credit monitoring and control
  • Identity recovery services

The company’s credit control caught our eye the most for the careful way it breaks down credit information and potential threats.
To add, IdentityForce uses certified experts to recover your stolen information. 

Better yet, this is also accompanied by cutting-edge live customer support to coordinate smooth communication with the resolve team.

Even if you suffer any financial injury, IdentityForce covers your loss with a $1M identity theft insurance policy.

For business people, it’s also amazing to know that the service has identity protection to keep your business’ identity away from lurking defrauders.

Plans Available

  • UltraSecure – $17.95/m OR $179.50/year
  • UltraSecure + Credit – $23.95/m OR $239.50/year

As seen, IdentityForce only offers two individual plans, so you might be a little limited on that front.

Still, the UltraSecure and UltraSecure Credit plans offer general protection and extra credit monitoring solutions respectively, hence you can pick a fitting option.

The basic plan gives you a 30-day trial period, and you can additionally phone customer support to create a personalized plan for your family.

Try IndentityForce’s 30 Day Trial Period

4. IdentityIQ – Best Identity Monitoring Company for Credit Information

Identity IQ (1).jpg



  • Heightened credit monitoring
  • Extensive ID theft education resources
  • $25,000 child identity theft insurance
  • Flexible identity theft protection plans


  • Relatively limited starting plan

IdentityIQ secures your financial and personal information by providing a round-the-clock identity theft protection service.

The company staves off and fights identity thieves through;

  • Real-time credit monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Internet monitoring

Of all, IdentityIQ’s pinnacle is with its credit monitoring services.

Credit monitoring here can give alerts on;

  • Authorized card user activity
  • Bank card overspending
  • New foreclosures
  • 10-point increase/decrease on your TransUnion credit score

All the above helps you be more aware of your credit data.

Furthermore, there’s also VPN and Antivirus protection to protect your device and online presence as well.

Also, IdentityIQ boasts resourceful ID theft educational information that can help you make future healthy identity decisions.

It isn’t just you, you can also protect your children. Besides, IdentityIQ allows you to protect kids of up to 24 years, which is way higher than the 18 age cap most sites give.

And, on top of a $1M insurance for you, your kids get up to $25,000 identity theft insurance to cover any loss from identity theft.

Plans available

  • Secure Plus – $9.99/m 
  • Secure Pro – $19.99/m
  • Secure Max – $29.99/m

IdentityIQ’s Plus plan is a little scant, still, it comes with credit monitoring and credit reports and credit scores, which is decent enough.

On the positive side, the service has pretty flexible plans, allowing you to choose what works for you.

Flexible Identity Theft Protection Plans With IdentityIQ

5. LifeLock – Great Extra Identity Theft Protection Products

lifelock (1).jpg



  • 30-day free trial
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • TransUnion Credit lock
  • Monitors social media accounts


  • VPN and device protection cost extra

With a 30-day free trial and a 60-day assurance guarantee, LifeLock straight up gives you the confidence you need in its ID protection services.

In addition, the company is reported to have attracted over 80 million customers, which suggests that they are sublime at what they do.

Identity theft protection on LifeLock takes the shape of;

  • Dark web monitoring and internet scans
  • Speedy alerts
  • Identity restoration by US-based credit specialists
  • Reimbursement

On reimbursement, LifeLock gives a $1M identity theft insurance cover for lawyer and expert costs and $25k to $1M on any financial loss.

Even more, LifeLock casts a wider dragnet with additional social media monitoring and a TransUnion credit file lock.

Also, there’s device protection like VPN, they cost a little extra but could be a nice way to ensure wholesome information security.

Plans Available

  • Standard – $124.99/year OR $8.99/m
  • Advantage – $179.88/year OR $17.99/m
  • Ultimate Plus – $239.88/year OR $34.99/m

Summing up, it’s great that Life Lock also has extra family packages for two adults, and one for two adults and up to five children to protect your whole family.

6. Experian – National Credit Reporting Agency With Identity ProtectionServices

experian (6).jpg



  • National credit bureau
  • Free dark web monitoring
  • Free credit reports, FICO monitoring
  • 30-day free trial


  • Credit card needed for free trial

You have heard about Experian. 

If not, Experian is one-third of the major credit bureaus in the US, and that status alone lends it all legitimacy.

One of the biggest identity theft protection services here are the free features, which are;

  • Free dark web monitoring
  • Free credit reports
  • Free FICO credit score monitoring

Moreover, Experian scans over 600,000 web pages, which is quite a large base to capture malicious attempts at your private information.

Mainly, everything is covered with 24/7 3-bureau credit monitoring and immediate alerts in case of suspicious activity.

Even better, the company has a specific and highly responsive fraud resolution team to help you fix data breaches in time.

Besides, you additionally have a $1M max identity theft insurance cover for any damages incurred.

Another option is, you can also regulate who looks at your credit file with Experian’s credit file lock and unlock tool.

Plans available

  • Experian IdentityWorks Plus – $9.99/m
  • Experian IdentityWorks Premium – $19.99/m

Looking at the plans, Experian has one of the most affordable packages for people seeking to protect their information.

To add, you can save 17% more if you choose the annual billing option.

You start for 30 days free, however, you’ll need your credit card for that.

All Experian plans are good for credit monitoring, still, the Premium option gives you extra services like social network monitoring and financial account monitoring.

7. Intelius – Best Identity Protection Company for In-depth Public Record Scans

Intelius (5).jpg



  • 18+ years experience
  • 2o+ billion public record access
  • Multiple identity monitoring
  • 24/7 personal support help


  • Not an exclusive ID protection company

Already, Intelius is a renowned data collection service, but its Identity Protect feature has taken it to higher depths as an exceptional data protection company as well.

The company carves its name by being perhaps the most thorough public record monitoring service with outstanding access to over 20B public records.

While it might not be a direct ID protection service, Intelius’ ability to pull general activity and transactions using your personal information is almost unmatched.

Again, the company takes varied monitoring angles by also tracking your;

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit
  • Bank accounts
  • Phone number
  • Address

Intelius also stands out from others by offering you a personal 24/7 customer representative to give your identity protection and resolution utmost attention.

Equally important, the service provides monthly 1-bureau credit reports and credit scores, but you can opt to pay extra to get credit info from all three major credit bureaus.

Plans Available

8. PrivacyGuard – Best Identity Theft Monitoring Company With Tailored Plans

privacy guard (2).jpg



  • Personalized plans
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Immense education resources
  • Device protection available


  • No bank account monitoring

Recognized as a top ID protection platform by esteemed publications like CNBC, CNET, Investopedia, and more, PrivacyGuard right off seems to have what it takes.
Additionally, the site’s customer support has been ranked as the best identity resolution team by Contact Center World, hence you can trust them to solve any ID theft issues.

PrivacyGuard tackles ID fraud from two main angles; credit monitoring and identity monitoring.

On credit monitoring, the service does 24/7 triple-credit bureau monitoring to curb any potential credit info theft. Furthermore, PrivacyGuard keeps you in the know with monthly triple-credit bureau scores and credit reports.

With direct ID protection, we bet you’d appreciate the web browser and keyboard protection that the company offers to keep marauding fraudsters at bay.

Only, PrivacyGard doesn’t appear to offer bank account monitoring services. Nevertheless, you’d appreciate their comprehensive ID theft educational tools that may help you make fewer information lapses.

Plans Available

  • Identity Protection – $9.99/m
  • Credit Protection – $19.99/m
  • Total Protection – $24.99/m

In summary, PrivacyGuard also adds the convenience of choosing a protection plan for what’s important to you.

With identity, credit, and an all-inclusive package option, you can pick a customized plan for the Identity theft protection you prioritize.

9. ReliaShield – Best Identity Protection for Free Kids Coverage

ReliaShield (1).jpg



  • Since 1999
  • Competitive prices
  • High restoration rates
  • Kids are covered for free


ReliaShield finds the sweet spot between price and effectiveness; posing itself as one of the most cost-effective identity protection services.

While its main idea is to protect your identity and financial details, the company boasts a 100% restoration ID restoration rate, which is assuring knowing you’re in capable hands.

You also get a $1M identity theft insurance cover to offset any expenses or fund loss.

While some information protection companies may charge extra for children, it’s all free on ReliaShield for plans that cover two adults.

Plans Available

  • Essential – $7.99/m
  • Prime – $14.99/m
  • Elite – $21.99/m
  • Essential – $14.99/m
  • Prime – $24.99/m
  • Elite – $34.99/m

Off the bat, all ReliaShield plans include unlimited identity theft protection services. 

In sum, these packages are quite comprehensive, but the two highest plans give you extra credit score tracker and bank account monitoring to secure your financial well-being some more.

10. IDShield – Investigator-led ID Protection Service




  • Licensed private investigators to help
  • Guaranteed ID restoration
  • Wide cybersecurity services


  • Alerts can be overwhelming
  • No annual plan discount

Noticed by Forbes and Yahoo, and with a great 4.1 Trustpilot score, IDShield has the reputation to back up its commitment to securing your identity.

What’s more, IDShield guarantees restoration in case of identity theft. Quite notably, the company uses licensed private investigators to make sure that you claim back what’s yours.

As well, the fraud protection platform also handles cybersecurity by giving you tools to keep scammers away from your device.

These cyber protection resources include; 

  • VPN
  • Malware protection
  • Password protection
  • Parental control

It’s also very helpful that IDShield keeps you in the loop with numerous alerts on your financial account, dark web activity, and high-risk activities. 

Sometimes, these notifications might seem too much, but if maximum protection is what you’re going for they shouldn’t be much of a bother.

Plans Available

  • Individual Plan – $14.95/m
  • Family Plan – $29.95/m

How We Chose the Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Company Legitimacy

To see that you were getting data protection from the most credible companies, we sought to choose sites accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Moreover, these sites aren’t just accredited by the BBB, they have high ratings too, and most have an A+ rating to show they are highly reliable.

To add, most of the sites we finally selected have been around for years, some even decades, hence you can tell they’re good for their longevity.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

Also, we selected sites that illustrated their promises with high customer reviews, and all the sites that made our compilation have Great to Excellent Trustpilot ratings.

How Easy They Are To Use and Access

Also, we put user-friendliness on the front foot, and we were first keen to select the most accessible identity theft protection platforms.

With this we were intentional to choose services that were compatible on most devices. 

As a standard all the fraud protection sites here can be accessed both on Mac and Windows to suit most people.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

On the same breadth, the majority of the sites here have mobile app versions to add extra on-the-go convenience. And, we also made sure that the apps were available on both Android and iOS.

Still, on customer-friendliness, we picked sites that had the most responsive and friendly customer support to facilitate smooth communication.

How Extensive They Are

Our personal and financial identities are very wide, thus naturally we had to pick the most comprehensive identity theft monitoring services.

At the top, all of our services monitor your credit, identity, and financial records, as these are what most people are very concerned about.

That said, we gave an edge to companies that went ahead to offer more unique protection services like home title monitoring, 401k tracking, medical records monitoring, just to mention a few.

While at it, we also prioritized sites that offered complimentary identity theft protection features, e.g. educational resources to help people nurture healthier information habits.

Possible Reimbursement Amount

Identity theft might occur, and damage can be suffered, and with this in mind, we made sure the services we chose offered reimbursements.

Furthermore, we made sure to see that the reimbursements were significant enough to weigh off any loss from ID theft.

So, all the sites here offer a $1M identity theft insurance policy to replace any expenses or stolen funds due to identity theft, and some even give extra for family plans.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

Are There Free Trials and Assurance Guarantees

While we had already shortlisted reputable identity protection companies, we wanted to give customers an extra buffer as a measure.

For this, we gave a leg-up to platforms that offered either a free trial, an assurance guarantee or both.

This way, customers can test out the site, or use it with confidence to see if they like it first.

Best Identity Theft Protection Companies: FAQs



What Is the Highest-rated Identity Theft Protection?

The highest-rated identity theft protection service is Aura.

Aura currently has a 4.7/5 customer Trustpilot score which says it has a reputation to satisfy consumers.

Along with the high customer standing, Aura has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating which is the highest possible rating the BBB gives to credible businesses.

Is Identity Guard Worth the Money?

Yeah, Identity Guard is worth the money.

To start, Identity Guard is one of the most experienced identity monitoring companies having launched in 1996. Even more, the company has served 38M+ customers, which solidifies its reputation.

Moreover, the company is one of the fastest at noticing malicious activity, and is reported to send identity risk alerts four times faster than the average company.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

Is Identity Guard Better Than LifeLock?

Identity Guard is apparently better than LifeLock.

Both Identity Guard and LifeLock are both seasoned companies with 38M+ and 80M+ clients served respectively.

Nonetheless, Identity Guard gets the nod for its different personalized individual and business services for individuals.

While LifeLock offers only individual identity protection its 30-day free trial and 60-month money-back guarantee makes it quite appealing.

Which Is Better: Identity Guard or IdentityForce?

Identity guard is slightly better than IdentityForce, however, they’re both worth their salt.

IdentityForce beats Identity Guard on experience as it’s been around for more than 40 years. 

Even so, Identity Guard has a record of speedy services. The company is known for superfast alerts and speedy identity restoration to ensure that you nab potential identity risks before major damage is done.

How Can I Find Out if Someone Is Using My Identity?

The best way to find out if someone is using your identity is by using an identity theft protection service.

Identity restoration companies have the experts and tools to monitor your information and send you prompt alerts when your information is at risk.

If you desire to figure out identity theft on your own, here are a few red flags you might want to look out for;

  • Unknown accounts on your credit reports
  • Missing emails – may suggest someone changed your address
  • Unfamiliar purchases on your bills
  • Strange mobile devices linked to your online accounts
  • Unusual verification SMS and email verification notifications
  • Suspicious withdrawals on your bank statement

How Do Identity Theft Services Work?

Identity theft services work by monitoring your identity information and resolving any data breach that may occur on your information.

Typically, identity theft services will offer data tracking services and will send you alerts when your information is compromised or under great risk.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

In the case your identity is stolen, identity theft services have dedicated restoration teams that will work to reclaim your data.

Also, these services can give you compensation if you suffer loss while under their protection.

How Do I Report Identity Theft?

Identity theft can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their website on or on phone using their 1-877-438-4338 report line.

Alternatively, you can also report identity theft to the police if you know the exact person who stole your data.

Which Are the Top 10 Identity Theft Protection Services?

The top 10 identity theft protection services currently are;

Is Identity Theft a Felony?

Identity theft is not necessarily a felony, but it can be one.

Depending on the state and seriousness of the crime, identity theft can be categorized as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

In some states an ID theft case causing loss of $300 or more can be a felony, while in some states the threshold is higher, typically at $500.

Also, identity theft can easily be a felony if it’s a second time offense.

Why Should I Buy an Identity Theft Service?

You should buy an identity theft service for the convenience it brings to keeping your information safe.

An identity theft protection service can handle basically everything for you from identity monitoring to identity restoration.

Also, it’s also calming to know that identity professionals are helping you prevent ID theft while you focus on other things.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

How Can I Avoid Identity Theft in Addition to These Services?

A couple of ways to help you avoid identity theft are;

  • Review your credit card statements to see that you recognized the transactions
  • Assess your credit history often and look out for inconsistencies
  • Install anti-malware software on your devices
  • Lock your credit files
  • Shred used documents containing your personal and financial information
  • Sign up for credit and bank alerts to keep track of transactions
  • Treat your SSN as vital information

Which Is the Best Identity Theft Protection for Families?

The best identity theft protection for families is ReliaShield.

The identity theft protection company offers free coverage for children under the age of 18 for any plan that enlists two adults.

Better yet, there’s no limit to the number of children, as long as they reside within the same household.

Best Identity Theft Protection Services: Conclusion

We’re glad you got to the tail end with us, and from this review we hope you’ve gained a good insight into finding the ideal identity protection service for you.

Honestly, all our identity theft protection services are worth your while, with massive identity monitoring, immediate alerts, and speedy identity restoration.

For us, Aura’s credit, financial account, and cyber protection services are unbeatable. Even more, the website has a high customer-standing, so it checks the right boxes of a leading company.

Try Aura’s 14-Day Trial!

Nevertheless, Identity Guard and IdentityForce are right up there too, and their fast and robust monitoring services stick out from the rest.

DISCLAIMER: Use identity theft protection services to tunes you can afford to avoid accumulating debt.

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