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Bank Account Breach: Pune Man’s Desperate Call on Social Media Ends in Rs 7.5 Lakh Scam | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

PUNE: A 26-year-old marketing executive from Pimpri found himself trapped in a web of cybercrime when he sought technical assistance from a private bank via his social media platform. The individual, employed at an engineering company in Talawade, fell victim to a meticulously orchestrated scam after reaching out for help to resolve a technical issue he encountered while attempting to open a digital salary account with the private sector bank.

The Deceptive Web

Narrating the sequence of events, the victim shared that on October 4 around 11 am, he turned to a social media platform – X, formerly known as Twitter, to seek guidance from the bank. Shortly after his plea for assistance, a message resembling the official account of the bank on the platform directed him to contact what was claimed to be the bank’s direct helpline number.

Trusting the apparent authenticity of the situation, the victim made the call. The person on the other end instructed him to download an application purportedly designed to resolve the technical glitches he was facing.

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The Unraveling Scam

Unfortunately, the application the victim downloaded was nothing but a remote access tool. Unbeknownst to him, this action granted cyber scammers unrestricted access to his smartphone. Further coaxing led to the sharing of sensitive documents and bank details, ultimately resulting in a colossal breach of security.

An official from the Pimpri Police Station, investigating the case, unveiled the method used by the scammers, stating, “The application the victim was asked to download served as a gateway for the cyber criminals. Through this illicit access, they managed to secure two loans totaling Rs 7.5 lakh against the victim’s debit card from another private bank.”

Action and Recovery

As the victim began receiving notifications regarding the unauthorized transactions and loan approvals, he swiftly reported the incident to the local authorities. Promptly, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed, initiating an investigation into the matter.

“The fraudsters swiftly orchestrated this scheme, leaving the victim in a dire situation. After the victim’s approach to the police station, an FIR was filed, and our team has initiated a comprehensive investigation,” added the police official.

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Vigilance and Caution

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-evolving tactics employed by cybercriminals to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Authorities emphasize the importance of exercising caution and vigilance, especially when dealing with financial transactions and sharing personal information online.

The investigation into this distressing cyber scam continues, with law enforcement officers urging the public to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of communication, especially when dealing with financial matters, in a bid to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent activities.


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