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In order to successfully respond to the constant and rapid evolution of the threat landscape, companies will need to implement largely autonomous functions into their IT security strategy that can support cybersecurity systems in real time.

With ongoing developments in artificial intelligence (AI), which enables hackers to carry out fast and precise attacks, companies must adopt similar technologies. So they can attack the attackers
always be one step ahead. As the compliance landscape continues to evolve, organizations must recognize that a lack of preparedness could pose a serious threat to their success. The integration of an autonomous system will enable companies to detect and mitigate complex new cyber threats early. This is the only way companies will be able to adapt their defense mechanisms to the current threat situation.

Attacks will continue to increase in speed and precision, making real-time security solutions essential. Companies that lack automation and therefore responsiveness become vulnerable. Improving basic IT hygiene and automation are therefore important first steps in securing your own company. This strategic approach not only facilitates the transition to real-time data, but also paves the way for autonomous threat hunting.


Blockchain technology is critical to ensuring compliance with the upcoming Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2) and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). By leveraging blockchain, companies can securely record and verify compliance-related activities to provide regulators with transparent and tamper-proof information. Both regulations require a high standard of operational resilience and security measures. In order to fulfill this, maintaining IT hygiene is of central importance.

For companies, foregoing the constant adaptation of their security systems to technical standards means a massive impairment of their protection against cyber attacks. It is therefore essential to rely on real-time security solutions and establish autonomous mechanisms.

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About Tanium
Tanium, the industry’s only Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) provider, is leading the paradigm shift in traditional approaches to managing complex security and technology environments. Only Tanium protects every team, endpoint, and workflow from cyber threats by integrating IT, compliance, security, and risk into a single platform. The Tanium platform provides comprehensive visibility across all devices, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy.


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