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Attempted fraud, a scam and identity theft | Top Stories | #phishing | #scams | #hacking | #aihp

Police responded to the AT&T store on S. Central Avenue June 1 on a report from a store employee who described an attempt to open an account by a man who presented as identification a fake U.S. passport. When asked to provide a second form of identification, the man became angry and said to the employee, “You better watch out when you leave.” Police stayed in the store’s parking lot until closing to ensure the employee’s safety. 

A Highpoint Drive resident reported June 2 receiving an email May 31 from what she thought was PayPal. The message was about an online purchase that she could accept or decline, but was told she first had to talk to a supervisor. Having not made any online purchases at the time, she called the number provided and spoke to a man she thought was a PayPal representative. The man said for identification purposes the woman would need to send a photo of herself and a photo of her driver’s license. She sent the pictures.

Next the man told her to go to CVS and buy gift cards. At that point she disconnected the call. Soon after she received a message from her bank that $900 in cryptocoin was withdrawn from her account. She closed her bank account but has not gotten her money back. Police advised her to contact her other financial institutions and gave her a report to give to her bank.

A N. Central Avenue woman went to police headquarters June 2 to report identity theft. She went to a bank in White Plains with the intention of opening a checking account. When she provided her information, she was informed an account and online banking profile with this bank was opened two years earlier. She said she’d never had an account with this bank before and was advised to report that her identity was stolen. She’s not out any money. 

An Argyle Road resident reported June 3 two decorative iron urns were taken from the front steps of her house; she said the last time she saw them was May 31. Three motion detection cameras mounted at her house did not record the theft. She said she didn’t know how much they were worth. No further action was taken. 

Police went to the Sunningdale Country Club on Underhill Road June 3 to take a report from a man who said his 2021 Range Rover was stolen from the club’s parking lot. A woman with him said she’d left her handbag in the car containing keys, her wallet, her driver’s license and assorted credit cards. She had an app that tracked the car showing it to still be in the club’s parking lot. The plate was pinged by police showing the car at the intersection of Route 9A and Ashford Avenue, traveling south. A suspicious black BMW that was seen on surveillance in the club’s parking lot was pinged at the same intersection, also traveling south. The cars appeared to be traveling together. Police advised the woman to contact her credit card companies and lock her card. She was given paperwork to obtain a new driver’s license. The man was advised to contact his insurance company to report the car stolen. The Range Rover was marked as stolen into the E-Justice system.  

The next day a man went to police headquarters to report a suspicious incident he witnessed that happened two hours prior at the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall on Old Jackson Avenue. He described seeing in the church lot a black BMW, which police say was the same car caught on surveillance at the Sunningdale Country Club. A man got out of the car and tried the door handles of a parked 2022 Dodge Charger; the doors were locked. When he failed to gain access, the man got back into the BMW and drove away. Police said they thought the BMW has been involved in the theft of high-end cars. 

Theft was reported at TJ Maxx on N. Central Avenue June 3. Thirty-five items were reported taken. A man wearing a Yankees baseball cap entered the store and went to the footwear section where he placed $705.64 of merchandise in bags and then allegedly left without paying.

Police returned to the store later on a report of a woman who entered the store with a pink and white tote bag in the company of a man wearing a black bucket hat who took six handbags valued at $829.94. On their way out, a customer was recording the incident on her phone; the female handbag thief slapped that woman’s hand down to stop her from recording. Several hours later police returned to the store and spoke to the same loss prevention officer who said possibly the same man — but wearing slightly different clothes — was back in the store to steal four more handbags valued at $519.96.

More thefts were reported that day; a couple went directly to the luggage and men’s clothing departments and reportedly stole a variety of items valued at $218.92. 

Police went to a Stevenson Avenue residence June 4 for an activated burglar alarm. They found the front door closed but not locked. No one appeared to be there. There was no sign of forced entry and police walked through the house. An open safe located in the basement was empty. The homeowner and the alarm company could not be contacted. Police left after securing the front door. 

An activated alarm at a church on W. Hartsdale Avenue June 6 brought police to the scene. A side door was discovered open. The perimeter and basement interior were searched. All doors leading to the upper level were locked and unable to be accessed. A keyholder was notified who said the unlocked door was probably accidental. Police secured the door. 

A skunk reported sick on Edgemont Road June 4 was dispatched with three rounds by a police officer. The caller said no contact was made with the animal. 

During a traffic stop June 5 on S. Central Avenue, an open container of Budweiser beer was seen on the console. Jesse C. Hughes, 44, was pulled over for an ongoing investigation of his revoked driving privileges dating back to May 2021 and his refusal to take a chemical test. Police took him to police headquarters, processed and charged him with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and impounded his car at the scene. Hughes was held by the detective division to be arraigned by a judge for stalking charges and an order of protection was issued to his victim.  

Police went to Club Way June 5 and spoke with a homeowner who said he left the house and returned six hours later to find his front door’s storm door had been shattered. Police checked the other doors and the immediate area but detected no criminal activity. 

A driver and his passenger June 6 called police to report a blue Chevrolet van was following him very closely near Jackson Avenue. The driver said as he approached Sprain Road, he turned left to travel northbound when the Chevy’s operator drove his van in front and blocked him. That driver got out of his van and started to swing a 6 foot metal pole in the direction of the reporting party’s car as they drove away. The man returned to his van and continued to follow them before turning east onto Ardsley Road. Police looked for the van without result. They traced the license plate to a registered owner in Greenburgh. The reporting party said his car was not hit and no physical threats were made. A report was made for documentation. 

Money found on the street

A woman said she was walking home from Starbucks June 6 when she found $80 in cash in a parking lot on E. Hartsdale Avenue. The money was placed in the evidence case for safekeeping. 

Catalytic converter stolen

Police responded to Jane Street June 7 on a report of a theft of a catalytic converter from a Prius. The owner said she thought it was stolen in late May when her car was parked in her driveway and she thought she heard a loud noise. She said in the morning her car wouldn’t start and she thought it had a mechanical problem. On June 5, she took it to her mechanic who told her the converter was stolen. She doesn’t have cameras on her property. Replacement cost of the item she said is $1,500. She requested a report for insurance purposes. 

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from June 1 to June 8, was compiled from official information.

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