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An All-In-One Solution to Protect Your Personal Devices | #itsecurity | #infosec | #hacking | #aihp

by Analytics Insight

March 16, 2022

Block malware attacks with ReasonsLabs RAV Antivirus software in smart devices

A single malware attack can topple down your systems and steal your data.

If that’s not damaging enough, hackers can infect your systems with viruses, disrupting your operations and causing you to lose tons of money. 

The solution? Protect your potential attack vectors with reliable cybersecurity solutions such as the ReasonLabs RAV Antivirus.

In this review, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of the RAV Antivirus software, how it can help secure your personal devices, and whether it’s the right cybersecurity solution for you. 


RAV Antivirus: A quick overview

ReasonLabs RAV Antivirus is designed to provide endpoint protection through enterprise-grade security for personal devices. 

The solution is based on a multilayered machine-learning engine, allowing it to deploy powerful defensive techniques to protect from security breaches and cyber threats.  

It can perform one of the crucial cybersecurity practices of scanning files for threats quickly and delivering comprehensive data while providing real-time threat detection 24/7. 


Installing RAV Antivirus

Downloading the software is a pretty easy process. 

The steps below outline how to install RAV Antivirus on a Windows computer. 

Step 1: After downloading the installation file from the ReasonLabs website, click the file on the browser or go to your Downloads folder and double-click the installation file to run it.

Step 2: Click Install from the prompt to proceed.

RAV Antivirus

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You might also need to click Allow or Yes if the system asks you to allow the software to make changes.

You’ll see a progress window during the installation, including the estimated remaining time before the installation is complete. Don’t turn off your computer during the installation. 

Step 3: Wait for RAV Antivirus to automatically open when it’s done installing. You can also open the software from your automatically created desktop shortcut by double-clicking the icon. 

RAV Antivirus

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The software performs an automatic quick scan of your computer’s system as soon as it opens.

RAV Antivirus

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RAV will scan your computer’s Memory, Startups, Downloads, File System, Browsers, and programs. 

RAV Antivirus

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Step 4: Once the scan is done, click Summary to see a list of discovered threats and viruses.  

RAV Antivirus

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Key features

The RAV Essentials Package contains the crucial and comprehensive cybersecurity features of RAV Antivirus, including the following.


Secure browsing

RAV Antivirus provides web security browser plugins to safeguard users from visiting and browsing known malicious websites. 

The software blocks all suspicious URLs and unwanted advertisements. It also indicates when it’s safe for you to browse freely under the Protection Status View.  

RAV Antivirus

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The RAV Saferweb (available with the RAV Elite plan) includes the ReasonLabs DNS to help ensure your privacy and protect your activity when browsing online. 


The DNS can:
  • Block browser tracking, including tracking on all your device applications.
  • Limit access to various commonly used websites and apps and filter out explicit content. 
  • Use a wide array of behavior analysis and threat intelligence to block domains associated with phishing and malware to protect your devices. 

With the secure browsing feature, you can get continuous web browsing protection and secure your devices against security breaches due to suspicious website browsing. 

It also helps prevent malware and other cyber threats such as phishing attacks from slipping through and infecting your systems. 


Real time protection and threat detection

RAV Antivirus has a detection engine supported by a database of over a million malware samples.

It allows the software to detect most malware variants accurately, including emerging computer viruses and ransomware. 

RAV Antivirus

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RAV Antivirus offers a quick threat removal feature. It scans your computer’s system and promptly places suspicious processes and files into quarantine or removes them entirely.  

You can also use the software to run quick, full, or custom on-demand scans to check your computer and devices for potential threats. 

Besides anti-malware and antivirus protection, RAV Antivirus can help secure your computer’s webcam and microphone (available with the RAV Premium package). 

It can safeguard your webcam and microphone by tracking remote access tools and apps that try to invade your privacy. It immediately sends you notifications of any attempts so you can stop and block them. 

RAV Antivirus

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Behavioral analysis and ML

RAV Antivirus leverages behavioral analysis and Machine Learning (ML) to learn your device’s behavior and provide highly accurate detection for comprehensive and fast protection. 

It uses ML to generate precise algorithms, allowing it to identify and implement preemptive actions to keep malware from infecting your Personal Computer (PC). 


Some of the RAV ML engine’s capabilities include the following:
  • Detect patterns and record them to increase and expand protection
  • Create similar templates of threats to detect more malware types
  • Go through millions of files and identify suspicious and potentially hazardous ones

RAV Antivirus’s ML-based engine allows for more proactive threat prevention and effective, real-time active attack response. 


EDR protection 

RAV EDR protection offers endpoint detection and response 24/7, providing real-time monitoring to help actively protect your personal devices.  

You’ll get end-to-end security and transparency into your endpoints and processes. 

The feature also helps you spot infected and vulnerable endpoints for prompt remediation. 

The RAV EDR protection combines detection technology with ReasonLabs’ ML engine and uses the prevention methods in its Threat Intelligence Center. 


The EDR protection feature works by:
  • Identify your device’s most vulnerable and potential entry points by scanning and learning how the malware operates.
  • Providing round-the-clock threat detection and response by leveraging advanced cyber technology and all protection layers. 
  • Cleaning up and protecting your device by deleting viruses, attacking threats, and handling security breaches.  

Other features in the RAV Essentials Package include Firewall management, a malware vault, and easy and flexible threat detection and response management. 



The RAV Antivirus basic is a free-to-use edition with the essential antivirus and anti-malware features. 

You can upgrade to paid versions of the software to get more features. The pricing can vary depending on your geolocation.   


Is RAV Antivirus for you?

While there might not be a perfect cybersecurity solution, you can choose the best-fitting software to amp up your defenses and protect your personal devices.

RAV Antivirus might just be the solution you need for comprehensive endpoint protection. 

Investing in the software can far outweigh the costs when you get the protection and security you need. The solution can help keep your devices protected and less vulnerable to emerging cyber threats and sophisticated attacks. 

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