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AIS calls for educating vulnerable about cyber threats | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

With cybercrime related damages reaching as high as 50 billion baht this year according to statistics from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, telecom giant AIS would like to see agencies increase digital knowledge among vulnerable groups through education and training.

Saichon Submakudom, the head of investor relations, compliance and sustainability for the telecom giant, said on Thursday that the index also found that residents in the North and West regions of the kingdom have the lowest digital skills compared to those in other regions.

The government could start by priortising digital training in these areas, she suggested.

AIS has recorded over 1.6 million reports of suspected scams and cyber threats via its 1185 AIS Spam Report Centre since its opening in April last year. The information collected by the centre has been forwarded to responsible agencies to investigate and pursue legal actions, added Saichon.

She noted that the most reported issues are online scams that lure victims into buying products and services (41.23%), which are responsible for over 2.3 billion baht in damages. Other popular scams involve part-time jobs (12.96%), loan services (11.07%), and online investment (8.33%).

Other interesting findings are incorporated into the AIS Thailand Cyber Wellness Index 2023, including:

*87.97% of Thais are aware of and understand the cyber bullying problem

*48.6% of Thais understand digital rights

*49.83% of Thais are engaged in digital relationships

*51.8% of Thais use digital communication and collaboration in their work.

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