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AI Technologies Bolster Cybercrime Prevention in India | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Indian Police Turn to AI Technologies to Tackle Cybercrime

In a significant stride toward modernizing law enforcement, the Surat police in Gujarat, India, have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to bolster their cybercrime prevention measures. As per Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Sharad Singhal, the Surat Cyber Cell has launched a multilingual chatbot, capable of interacting with victims of cybercrime in their native languages. This trailblazing innovation symbolizes a wider initiative to integrate AI in policing operations, including training law enforcement personnel to adeptly identify and tackle cybercrimes such as phishing, stalking, and sextortion.

AI-Powered Solutions to Cybercrime

The ‘Find My Police Station’ feature, powered by AI, enables victims to locate the nearest police station swiftly. It doubles up as a round-the-clock helpline, providing immediate relief to victims and equipping the police with invaluable insights into the distribution and types of cybercrimes across different regions. This deployment of AI tools has significantly enhanced the police department’s capabilities in a state where, alarmingly, one cybercrime report is filed every 7.5 minutes.

AI and Machine Learning in Punjab Police

In a parallel development, the Punjab Police announced a partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar to establish an in-house AI and Machine Learning (ML) Lab. This collaboration underscores the growing trend of integrating AI into law enforcement, promising a future where these technologies will be instrumental in combating crime and enhancing public safety.

Modernizing Law Enforcement

These technological advancements introduced by the Surat and Punjab Police are emblematic of a broader shift in Indian law enforcement. By incorporating AI and ML, police departments across the country are not only modernizing their operations but also providing more efficient and effective services to the public. As these technologies continue to evolve, their role in preventing and addressing cybercrime is expected to become increasingly critical, reshaping the landscape of law enforcement in the country.


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